What happens when I leave food in the item I'm trying to recycle?
Leaving food in your recyclable items can have a huge negative effect on the ability to recycle the item. In most cases, all your aluminum, tin cans, glass, and plastics will be ok if food is left in the bin. But the greatest problems arise when food is left in or on your paper or cardboard items. Oily foods will contaminate a paper or cardboard item making it nearly impossible to recycle. Please make sure ALL your recyclable items are clean out so as to not contaminate your paper or cardboard items.
From time to time we realize that customers will experience overflow that surpasses our 21 gallon bin due to black out dates, rescheduled holidays, or inclement weather. We expect overflow after these circumstances, but are seeing it consistently. We want to provide a couple of suggestions to accommodate our customers so your bin can be utilized more efficiently:
  • Breaking down paperboard and cardboard
  • Removing lids from plastic bottles and smashing them
  • Smashing aluminum cans
  • If after these steps have been taken you are still experiencing frequent overflow, more than what would be expected after a holiday, black out week, or inclement weather, we offer an additional bin for $5 more per month. We will no longer be servicing extra containers that are not provided or previously ok'd by R-Cubed going forward unless it is following one of the above circumstances. As stated on our website, when you miss your pick up date and forget to place your recycling out you will still be charged for that attempted pick up and your recycling will not be picked up again until your next collection day..this does not fall under one of the above stated circumstances to place overflow out the following week. The additional unexpected volume from placing out your own additional container causes more cost and operational time. We feel these suggestions will alleviate overflow while also providing an affordable option when overflow is consistently encountered.
    In order to provide this service for our community, we must receive payment for services in a timely fashion. As stated on our website we allow each customer 30 days to pay . Once the 30 days has expired without payment we then allow an additional 10 days before applying a $10 late fee. If payment is still not received at that point, the service will be suspended until payment is received. We have tried to be lenient on this policy as much as possible and we encourage, if for whatever reason, payment cannot be met by the due date that we be contacted to arrange other options. 
    Black Out Dates for 2017:
    In 2013 we made the decision to discontinue servicing 5th weeks throughout the year. The reason we did this was because each customer is billed on a 48 week calendar. This means we base the price off of each month only having 4 weeks. Throughout the year there are some months that have 5 weeks causing us to either raise our price per year or to BLACK OUT those occurrences. However, we have noticed that it can be difficult for customers to remember when these 5th weeks are occurring causing some confusion. So, we are making the decision to service 5th weeks going forward. There will be 3 weeks out of the year that we will BLACK OUT for all customers meaning we will not run routes on these weeks. The dates are as follows:
  • March 13- March 17th
  • July 3- July 7th
  • October 2- October 6th
  • With these 3 weeks excluded from the year our customers are gaining an additional week of service with us now running the route 49 weeks of the year.
    What if I forget to place my bin out on my designated collection day?
    If you forget to place your bin out on your designated collection day you will be charged for that attempted collection. Also, we will not attempt to collect your recycling again until your next scheduled collection day.
    What happens when there are 5 Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays within a month?
    Throughout the year there will be months that have 5 Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays. In these instances we will NOT collect for bi-weekly customers on these days. Our bi-weekly collection cycles are the 1st & 3rd and 2nd & 4th weeks of the month. Our weekly collection cycle customers will not be affected by 5th weeks .
    Will you collect my recycling when there is inclement weather; like snow, ice, harsh rainstorms, or tornadic weather patterns?
    Any time there is inclement weather we will not collect. We will reschedule an alternate collection day, if weather will permit, via email. Our definition inclement weather includes, but are not limited to the following weather conditions:
  • snow
  • ice
  • harsh rainstorms
  • tornadic storms
    What are your collection schedules?
    We have three collection schedules. They are as follows:
    Bi-Weekly Schedules:
  • Collection Schedule 1: 1st & 3rd Mon., Wed. or Fri. of each month
  • Collection Schedule 2: 2nd & 4th Mon., Wed. or Fri. of each month
  • Weekly Schedules:
  • Collection Schedule 3: Mon., Wed. or Fri. of each month (excluding designated black out weeks)
    What if my collection day falls on a holiday?
    We will not collect recyclables on the day of the following national holidays:
  • New Year's day
  • Memorial day
  • Independence day
  • Labor day
  • Veteran's day
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Christmas day
  • If your collection day falls on the day of any of these national holidays we will not collect your recycling. Please remember to check your email for your holiday alternate collection day.
    What are you billing cycles? When do I have to pay by? Where do I send my payment to?
    We have three billing cycles; 3-month, 6-month & 12-month. All clients are required to pay at least 3 months at-a-time. If a client decides to pay for 6 months in advance, they will receive a 5% discount. If they decide to pay 12 months in advance they will receive a 10% discount. Since clients payment schedules vary, each invoice will have its unique due date. Any payments received after that due date will be incur are $10 late payment fee.
    Incentives Program:
    Everybody loves to save a little money! Here is a way with R-Cubed Incentives Program. If you refer anyone to R-Cubed and they sign up for any length of service, you will receive 1 month free service. This is an on-going promotion. Existing customers will not be limited in the amount of referrals they send to R-Cubed.
    Proponents of single stream note several advantages:
  • Reduced sorting effort by residents may mean more recyclables are placed at the curb and more residents may participate in recycling;
  • Reduced collection costs because single-compartment trucks are cheaper to purchase and operate, collection can be automated, and collection routes can be serviced more efficiently;
  • Greater fleet flexibility which allows single compartment vehicles to be used for refuse or recycling, providing greater fleet flexibility and reducing the number of reserve vehicles needed. (To avoid confusing customers, use a large sign/banner to distinguish when a refuse truck is being used for recycling);
  • Participation and volume per household may increase and worker injuries may decrease because the switch to single stream is often accompanied by a switch from bins to cart-based collection;
  • Changing to single stream may provide an opportunity to update the collection and processing system and to add new materials to the list of recyclables accepted; and
  • More paper grades may be collected, including junk mail, telephone books and mixed residential paper

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